Initially we'll get in touch to determine what you want, ensure you've selected the right services for your needs and communicate what and when we'll deliver for you. In this stage we'll also try to understand your target audience and brand identity to enable us to better design your online presence.


Our design process can vary in length from client to client. We have clients who need multiple design iterations, and others who fall in love with the first pass. We usually create your main page design first and once that has been agreed on we get to work on desiging all the other pages in a similar style.


This is where the intense work begins. We'll take our time turning your website designs into beautiful responsive website pages that display perfectly on all screen sizes (laptops, mobiles, tablets etc.) We'll usually incorporate some SEO into your website too and check out your domain name.


You go live! This is a very exciting part of the process and involves us getting your website set up on our super fast NZ based servers with SSL security. Once we give you the go ahead, you'll be welcome to share links to your brand new website on social media and among your friends, family and clients.

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